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Fishing in Riviera del Conero

Sarago del Conero

Riviera del Conero is a good spot for fishing. You can go fishing on both sides of the mountain. The north side has got a good spot for bass fishing in Portonovo and Trave; the small rock beaches are also good for surfcasting and spinning. Along the coast of the Conero fishes are different as are the different fishing methods adoptable for undermining them.

Spigola del Conero

Fishing off the ground, we find beaches with mixed water suitable to ” beach ledgering ” and ” surf casting” to capture Mormore, bream, white bream, croaker and sea bass;  beaches with rocky seabed are suitable for “rock fishing” where you can fish Morayeels, Corvine , sea bass and bream. Fishing in “spinning” can you catch sea bass all year, glances and Mackerel in the summer and autumn. Using the float you can catch bream and mullet and in summer the herd fish. You can also fishing on boat along the coast until 50 meters from the beach.

Conero Morphology

Its morphology shows a kind of sandy seabed, with a high step of the surf and with medium-high depth to be the Adriatic Sea. It ranges from three meters just behind the shoreline to 9-10 meters to a hundred meters from it. The depth decreases gradually toward the mouth of the Musone river. The “general bathymetry” no big changes, no dry or excessively large holes; should however be noted that after a major large step of the surf gently sloping seabed steadily.

Cefalo del Conero

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